Why Orthodontics?


Oral health

If teeth are rotated and crooked it is much harder to brush and floss, as a result destructive plaque sticks to the teeth.   It’s not long before cavities begin to appear and the infection of gums and bone occur. When teeth are properly aligned, it is much easier to keep them clean. Clean, healthy teeth can last a lifetime and have a beneficial effect on overall health.


In the event of a fall or even playing sport, injuries to teeth that are protruding are much more likely to occur. Orthodontics will reposition ‘bucky’ teeth and therefore these teeth are most probably going to have a decreased risk of fracture.

Bite Relationship

Crooked, rotated and misaligned teeth can create extreme wear on the tooth structure, breakdown of supporting tissues, and create difficulty in day to day chewing and function. The teeth may ultimately wear or fracture prematurely and need substantial dental work to restore them back to health.
A poor bite or jaw relationship can also cause stress and deterioration of the jaw joint or TMJ as well as cause muscular fatigue and headaches, which can lead to further, more complicated problems.
Orthodontic treatment to correct dental problems early may be less costly than the restorative dental care required to treat more serious problems that can develop years later.


Most people would love to have a beautiful smile. Your smile says a lot about you as a person. And certainly, straight, well cared for teeth not only look great, but make you feel better about your appearance and yourself. Our smile is an important part of our expression, our emotions and our life. It really deserves the greatest care.


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