Financial Arrangements
Many people do not realise that many dental problems arising from crowding and a poor bite can be far more costly to treat in the long run than orthodontic treatment. 
To most people, it is important to know right away how much orthodontic treatment will cost. We are usually able to inform you during your initial visit the costs involved to cover your treatment. 
We offer payment plans to all our patients. These involve an initial deposit paid when the appliances are placed and a convenient monthly payment plan thereafter.
Discounts may apply if you prefer to pay in full upfront and also if we treat more than one family member.

Health Funds

Certain Health Fund schemes offer a limited rebate on fees paid for orthodontic treatment (conditions apply). Your rebate depends on your type of health cover and on how long you have been in the Health Fund. You should discuss the rebate with your Health Fund before making a start with orthodontic treatment.
If you are a health fund member, before and on commencement of any treatment, we will supply you with the necessary documentation in order for you the claim back your eligible rebate.
Our payment plans are generally spaced over the length of your active treatment (18 months), in some cases, your health fund may require further documentation, please ring our office for information.

We endeavor to assist you with simple fund queries; however, as you are the member, we are unable to advise you on specific fund issues.