RME - Rapid Maxillary Expander
Following is a summary of the important points discussed with you today regarding maxillary expansion procedures.
  1. Activation of the appliance with the key should be done as demonstrated to you and with the frequency discussed. We find that if the appliance is turned in the morning the child is likely to notice less discomfort than if the appliance is turned before bedtime.
  2. Do not be alarmed if you see a gap opening up between the upper two front teeth.
  3. This is a sign that the appliance is having the desired effect. Similarly, do not be alarmed if you see this gap close as it is only the front teeth moving back to each other and it does not mean the expansion is being lost.
  4. Some discomfort may be felt in the teeth and upper jaw adjacent to the nose. If any discomfort persists for an extended period of time, say 2 to 3 hours, then do not turn the expander at the next scheduled time and contact our surgery.
  5. The expander will stay in place for a minimum of 4 months after the key activations are complete.
  6. This holding period varies depending on whether the expander is to be followed by braces.
  7. It is important that whilst your child is under treatment with us that he / she continues regular checkups with the general dentist or school dentist.