Retainers - Invisible Removable Retainers
Following is some important information in relation to your retainer(s) and the retention phase of treatment that you are entering.
  1. Wear your retainer(s) all of the time for the next three days. Remove them only for eating, brushing, sports and swimming.
  2. After the first three days the retainer(s) must be worn for 12 hours per day.
  3. To achieve 12 hours per day they will have to be worn after school and throughout the night.
  4. Clean the retainer(s) with toothpaste and brush them using cold water. Never wash the retainer(s) with hot water as this can cause distortion.
  5. Holes can appear in the biting surface. These do not stop the retainer from effectively holding your teeth in the correct positions. However, cracks or splits in a retainer will require assessment by us.
  6. There is no charge for the initial retainer(s). Unfortunately a fee must be charged for further retainers.
  7. Please bring your retainer(s) to each follow-up visit.
  8. Notify us immediately if you break or misplace a retainer. Should anything cause you not to wear your retainer(s) let us know as we cannot be responsible for any changes which might occur in the absence of adequate retainer wear.
  9. Generally the retainer(s) will be worn for 12 months for 12 hours every day. After 12 months we will reassess the ongoing need for retention but, as we discussed, the continued maintenance of the result we have achieved together is now your responsibility. Continued retainer wear in some capacity is an excellent idea and the results will be rewarding. There will come a time when you do not wish to wear your retainer(s) any more and this is the time you must be prepared to accept that your teeth can undergo some movement.
  10. It is important that you maintain your periodic dental examinations with your general dentist.