Retainers - Bonded wires

Following is some important information in relation to your bonded retainer.

  1. Take care not to chew anything hard on the teeth to which the retainer is attached. This is similar to the caution you would have exercised whilst your braces were in place.
  2. When brushing your teeth pay particular attention to the bonded retainer wire to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Plaque will tend to accumulate on this wire, as was the case with your braces.
    As you are aware, plaque can cause decay so it is crucial that plaque be removed on a regular basis with toothbrushing.
    To clean between the wire and the gum you may want to use Superfloss.
    If the orthodontist feels that there is a risk of decay arising through inadequate toothbrushing, the wire will be removed.
  3. Notify us immediately if you notice that the wire has been dislodged from any of the teeth, or is broken or bent, or does not feel right.
  4. The bonded retainer wire is not a substitute for all retainers. It is important that you wear any other retainer(s) issued to you as instructed.
  5. There is no set time for the bonded retainer wire to remain in place. Ideally we would like to maintain the bonded wire in position for a number of years.
  6. It is important that you maintain your periodic dental examinations with your general dentist.