Elastic Wear
Following is some important information in regard to elastic wear.
  1. The elastics are being used in your treatment to move your teeth and to correct your bite.
  2. Elastics must be worn all of the time and removed only when you brush your teeth. When you brush your teeth it is a good idea to place the elastics on your finger so you do not forget to put them back in place.
  3. Wearing elastics for less than 24 hours per day will mean the desired changes will not occur as they should. Teeth need a constant force to move and if elastics are not in place, some of the change which has been achieved may be lost.
  4. One of the most common reasons for slow progress with orthodontic treatment is poor cooperation with elastic wearing.
  5. Elastics should be worn in the manner shown to you today. The location and direction of the elastics may change during your treatment but the orthodontist will let you know of any changes.
  6. Elastics should be renewed with the frequency advised by the orthodontist. Generally this is once every two days. If an elastic breaks or is lost then a new one should be placed immediately.
  7. It is a good idea to carry a packet of elastics with you at all times so you can immediately replace any that are lost or broken. If you run out of elastics and cannot get to the surgery please phone us and we can send some more out in the post.
  8. Never wear more elastics that the orthodontist has asked. Your teeth will not move more quickly.
  9. There are varying strengths of elastics. The orthodontist will advise you as to which colour packet you will be using. This may change as treatment progresses.


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