Children's Treatment
Usually parents, with the help of their general dentist, will have an idea of if their children will need orthodontic treatment. It is important for children to see a dentist from an early age and at about the age of 7 a referral to see an orthodontist is appropriate.
By this age the back adult molars have started to come through and this will gives the orthodontist an idea of what treatment may be necessary. 
Although braces are the most common form of treatment, there are other options that can be used also, such as structured plates and fixed frames each with specific benefits for your child’s teeth and surrounding bone structure.
Often younger children may need a growth modifying plate which is used during your child’s growth spurt to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved.
Even if early intervention is not needed, your child can be monitored over time ensuring that when they are ready for braces we can get the process started.